Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cloth Diapering Video Series

I had mentioned several months back about doing a few video blogs about cloth diapering. Thanks to my sweet friend Shannon, I have been encouraged to go ahead and do a short series of videos on the topic for the blog!
Cloth diapering has become one of those things I "just do." It doesn't feel like it's ruling my life any more for a few reasons. 1) I officially understand it. I don't feel completely confused by the whole thing like I did at first. 2) I have way more diapers than I started off with, therefore, I don't have to wash every day. 3) I'm just used to it. It no longer seems gross, or weird. It' just normal for us now.

So, just for kicks, I'm going to go ahead and make some little videos. I wish when I had started out I had some sort of visual way of learning about these things and I just love sharing about it. Cloth diapering has been a blessing to me, my babies, my family, our finances, and the environment (though, I hate to admit, this was not even on my radar as a reason to CD).
I'm not an expert, and I don't claim to be. I'm just a mama who loves using cloth and I want to share about it! It seems that every where I turn these days, it's a topic. Friends are talking about it on Facebook and I just read a really great and thorough article about it in Mothering magazine.

While I'm preparing here are some links!

Diaper Revamp - a past blog entry about how to refresh cloth diapers

Fluffy Mail
- a past blog entry about my most basic diapering system
More on Cloth Diapering - a past blog entry answering questions from commenters, specifically about what newborns vs. older babies need, and laundry

Abby's Lane - my preferred diaper shop. Good prices, super fast shipping, and great customer service. I also got my beloved Ergo here.
Diaper Pin - This is where I did all my learning about CD's. I love the review section.

(I know I don't get a ton of comments on here, but I also have blog stats telling me how many people come through. Please do let me know if you have anything specific you'd like to see on the videos - I'd love to hear from you. :-))


  1. I am getting ready to have my 4th in February and I would REALLY like to do cloth diapers with this baby. I would love to see how you store them when they are dirty and washing techniques, etc. Also...I would love to know about the different sizes to use for night vs day. I have done a lot of reading about this, but it can still be confusing! Also, how many do you keep on hand so that you don't have to wash everyday?

  2. I'll be busy with those links! Thanks so much, Andrea!

  3. yipppeee! I'm sending this to some friends and learning so that when it's my turn I"m ready to go!

  4. This is great! I was tipped off to this blog by our mutual friend, Shannon! I look forward to your posts!


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