Friday, August 6, 2010

My (not so) Secret Addiction

I admit it.  I am a magazine junkie.  If this sort of thing were genetic, I would totally blame it on my sweet Mama, who far exceeds me in the race to the most magazine subscriptions!

I'm pretty careful about my subs, I don't get fashion magazines, I find them really not good for my heart., I have enough people in my life to worry about, I don't need to be worrying myself with the latest scandals in Hollywood.  Mysteriously, I do happen to have a subscription to Allure magazine...I didn't pay for it and I'm not sure really how I ended up with it.  It goes right in the trash every month.

Anyway, here are the ones I DO love!

Real Simple - This is the highlight of magazine delivery week for me! I LOVE this's large, smooth pages, it's lovely photos, it's delicious recipes and great articles. Love it!

Better Homes and Gardens - This one is so cheap for a sub, how could I not get it? Much inspiration to be had, especially as I transition from renter to homeowner.

Family Fun - This has lots of fun ideas in it and the girls love flipping through it as well. I just re-subscribed for $3! Yeah!

Faith & Family - I've been getting this sub for who knows how long, and I still have another 2 years left that I paid for. It used to be monthly, but is now quarterly, which is a bummer. I do enjoy their website though, so I don't feel too bad about having paid for the subscription.

Mothering magazine - Ok, this is my total splurge magazine. Usually I hold out on the ones I want until I can get the subscriptions for between $3-7, but this one, no waiting for me! They have a great website (which I have linked on my side bar) and blog that I enjoy as well too.  I don't always agree with everything, but who does?  I appreciate the articles and advertisements for cloth diapering, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing, cooking healthfully, etc.

I've also had Good Housekeeping (whose tactics to get you to renew really irritate me, so I'm on a break from that) and Your Big Backyard (which the girls loved...but just ran out).

Other magazines I'd love to get are Cooking Light, Martha Stewart (how can I resist!), and Cooks Illustrated. But, I must wait to get a good deal!

One thing I am always sure to do is write down when I subscribed, when the first issue came, and when I should renew in my trusty calendar.  Goodness knows, they send so very many "renewal notices" that I could get confused about when I'm actually up for renewal!  It's really helpful to have it all in one place so that things run smoothly.

I'd love to hear what magazines others enjoy or if you have any other suggestions for me!