Friday, August 26, 2011

V. 13 7 Quick Takes

1. Nostalgia
I've been enjoying this random blog I found via pinterest.  It brings back so many memories...the toys, the foods, the tv shows,  the games, the famous people, from my's such fun!
(Oh my gosh I loved these!!!)

 2. More Canning Fun!
I'm getting ready to send out my jams for the Jam Exchange tomorrow!  I got them all pretty and ready to go, photos to come soon!  I've also canned some lovely Western slope peaches, tonight I'm doing pear butter and this weekend Charlie and I are doing salsa together (we've got 30lbs of farm fresh roma tomatoes coming in!).  Where have I been on this?  Seriously, it's so satisfying.  Anyone have any other excellent canning recipes/favorites I should try before all the beautiful produce disappears?

3. School Time
We are in our 4th week of school now, which is such an odd feeling this week as public schools return to classes this week.  Things are going along very nicely, I've seen so much improvement in F with the things she struggled with a lot last year (this week she got a 100 on both her math test AND her spelling test - I was beyond thrilled, probably more excited even than she was!).  We are falling into a great routine, but still have some flexibility, which is wonderful.  Charlie was home quite a bit last week (due to HIS terrible case of strep), and it was such a touching compliment at the end when he told me how happy he is with the way things are going, since he had been here to overhear our regular daytime schedule. 

4. Book Swap
I joined Paperback Swap and just ordered two books I've been wishing for.  However, I've noticed there is quite a wait to get most of the other books I'd like, unless I want to trade my awesome books for trashy romance novels (which I don't).  Does anyone have any experience with this stuff?  I'd love to hear if it's really worth it long term, if you like good books (not trash novels).

5. More Food Chat
Just recently I read a post on Mama Nash about Stonyfield baby yogurt (one of my favorite first foods for my little ones) and Greek yogurt.  In the comment section, I lamented the fact that I couldn't get my favorite brand of Greek yogurt here in small town Wyoming - Greek Gods.  Well, that post encouraged me to check out another brand at the store and...LO AND BEHOLD!  They had stocked Greek Gods brand for the first time!  I was SO excited.  We just finished up two cartons this morning at breakfast... (I always get the big ones, those individual cups don't work for our family, I'd have to spend my whole food budget on yogurt!)  Also, is there anything better than Summer fruit?  I submit there is not.  Every time we finish a watermelon, I'm afraid that it's my last succulent bite for months.
 6. Flag
We got this in the mail as a surprise the other day, from a friend (former student Charlie worked with in FOCUS) who is stationed in Afghanistan with the Air Force.  We are so thankful and felt really blessed!  We can't wait to find the perfect spot for it!
"This American flag is presented to The Charlie (Last Name) Family.  This is to certify that on July 4th, 2011, the 963d Expeditionary Airborne Air Control Squadron flew this American Flag through hostile skies over Afghanistan on an Operation ENDURING FREEDOM combat mission.  This Flag represents our dedication and steadfast devotion to defending the principles of the United States of America demonstrated daily by Airmen who serve our country with honor and pride."
Awesome.  And what a great opportunity to teach the children and be thankful ourselves.

7. Trash/Treasure
Surely I am not the only one who deals with ever-multiplying piles and stacks of colored pages and "art" by my children.  Paintings, very intentional drawings, lovely little crafts - thing like that, I can find a way to display.  They are beautiful treasures that I certainly want to keep and remember my children by.

On the other hand, what about the color pages and random drawings that they think are treasures?  I used to think I had a handle on this, but lately I haven't.  They're too observant and emotional - if I throw them out there is a complete heart-broken melt down!  I have to be stealthy, but I have guilt as I dump tons of recyclable papers into the dumpster!  And if I remove WHOLE piles all at once - these "gifts" to me and these treasured pieces of art, they notice!!!  ("Mama, where is that x that I made for you?!" AHHHH!)  I love my children and I LOVE their art - but my desk is starting to be overrun by color pages and papers.  Well, so is the bottom shelf in the school room....and the recycling bag...and Felicity's shelf on her bed....and little stashes everywhere.  I'm drowning in lovely art work that needs to go to the dump!

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  1. It might be a bit of work initially, but have you considered scanning in their artwork? After the initial scan, you could scan weekly or something. You might have to do double scans depending on the size, but it might be fun to have them all on the computer to live forever.

  2. Let's just do this the easy way:
    1. AWESOME!
    2. Where did you learn how to can?!?! I want to so much but am terribly afraid!
    3. SO glad to hear your school year is getting off to a great start! Isn't it amazing how much a small word of encouragement or praise from our husband's can just really light up our whole day? I wonder if they know how much it means to us!
    4. I have never done this, so I am no help. But let me see what books I have and maybe we can just swap ourselves, haha!
    5. Greek yogurt is gross. But I won't hold it against you!
    6. This made me cry. A dear friend of ours is going to Afghanistan in February, leaving behind his wife and 2 little girls. I LOVE that you will have this and be able to teach your girls about the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers.
    7. This is what we do - I keep everything for 1 month. At the end of each month, I go through each pile with the kids and we choose a couple pictures 1 save. We keep it in a "memory box". Each child has 1 memory box, and when its full we have to sort through and pick out our favorites and get rid of the rest. Doing it together, and letting them help choose, and having it explained to them really makes it very easy and they don't seem to mind letting things go.

  3. First, I want to say I've used Paperback Swap for a couple years now and I love it. I admit, I have a long wish list and have to wait quite some time for some books (or break down and buy them elsewhere), but I have gotten some great books, especially less mainstream books (like religious books), some pregnancy books, history books, and classics. I have gotten some more popular I've also been able to send many of my old books on to other people and that's really rewarding too because I know they are going to people that really want them (and I'm racking up the credits!).

    And then I also wanted to say that THAT IS MY FAVORITE BRAND OF GREEK YOGURT TOO! And I haven't been able to find it since I've moved to NC. Other brands just don't hold a candle to it. I've heard of some people having success getting local grocery stores to stock their favorite brands of products if they ask, so I may ask the grocery store if they could order it. I'm really missing it!

    I would love to try canning, but I'm going to try tackling sewing first. I'd love to try those peaches!

  4. I'd love to try my hand at canning? Is it very hard? And can I just say, pear butter? Yes, please. Yum.

  5. How sweet about the pictures. I'm so sentimental about those things...but COMPLETELY understand the need to declutter. The unfortunate thing is, I have no suggestions on how to prevent them getting their feelings hurt. Perhaps each week/month they get to pick out their favorite one and put it in a book?

    Your canned peaches look wonderful, by the way. I NEED to try that soon. Colorado peaches are just heavenly and need to be remembered ;)


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